IV Therapy

Immune boosting IV’s, Meyer’s Cocktail IV’s, B-12 shots for energy, weight loss, and insulin resistance, Vitamins and minerals injections/IV’s formulated to each patient’s specific needs, Anti-Aging IV’s


If you are feeling tired, sluggish, overweight, or just ready to boost your mood and make a healthy lifestyle change, we have experienced providers to specifically address weight loss, gut health and your overall wellbeing.

Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten saunas use infrared heat instead of hot rocks or steam used in traditional saunas. Traditional saunas heat the air at extremely high temperatures which can make the experience unbearably hot and difficult to breathe.


We can tailor a multi-step facial treatment to address your individual skin care needs and concerns. Our most popular, the European facial includes steam, cleansing, light exfoliation, extractions as needed, hydration, and, of course, relaxation.


The concept of microneedling is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself when it suffers physical damage such as cuts, burns, abrasions, or other injuries. Immediately after an injury to the skin,