Annie Farasopoulos

Hyperbaric Chamber Technician, TRS, IDCS, EMT

Annie has worked in the emergency medical field for 15+ years; as a lifeguard, recreation therapist, member of the US Army Reserves, and as an EMT. After leaving the U.S. Army Reserves, Annie sought new ways to bring peace and wellness into her life. Scuba diving, meditation, yoga, sound, and energy healing (with the occasional episode of Star Trek) are key activities for her. She is excited to use her safety skills and technical expertise in diving and emergency medicine — providing hyperbaric treatments at Utah Body and Soul.

She finished her higher education at Brigham Young University in 2014 with degrees in recreation therapy, creative writing, music, and dance. Annie is an experienced Dive Safety Educator for the Divers Alert Network and is also an Elite Master Scuba Diver Trainer/IDC Staff Instructor for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) at a local dive shop in Holladay. Annie went through her hyperbaric medicine team training course at International ATMO in San Antonio, Texas.