Recharge with IV Therapy and get back to living your best life. Our revitalizing IV Therapy is specifically formulated for you. It’s a fast, effective way to boost your energy, improve your immune system, and increase your vitamin intake—an infusion of essential vitamins and minerals tailored made to meet your exact needs.

We offer a variety of relaxing, revitalizing IV Therapy treatments, including immune boosting IVs, vitamin injections, and B-12 shots for energy. Choose from a variety of infusion formulas to improve cognitive and memory functions, rejuvenate skin, combat fatigue, reduce pain and discomfort, boost your metabolism, burn fat, and much more.

IV Therapy fruit in IV bag

IV Therapy

  • Immune boosting IV’s
  • Meyer’s Cocktail IV’s
  • B-12 shots for energy, weight loss and insulin resistance
  • Vitamins and minerals injections/IV’s formulated to each patients specific needs
  • Anti-Aging IV’s