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Cryo Therapy

“Whole Body Cryotherapy.” Cryotherapy, or cold treatment, exposes the body to temperatures colder than -200 °F for up to three minutes. It can alleviate muscle soreness, increase stamina, decrease inflammation, and ultimately speed up recovery.


During a 2-3minute session, blood vessels in your skin’s surface and muscle tissues constrict, forcing blood away from peripheral tissues and towards your core.  The body’s natural filtration system removes toxins & inflammatory properties out of the blood.


After exiting the chamber, filtered blood flows back to the extremities. Enriched in oxygen, nutrients & enzymes, your blood warms and enriches skin & muscle tissues while also increasing range of motion


Over the next 48 hours the process of restoration occurs, and the body returns to a former and better state or condition with a reduction of pain and inflammation, increased energy levels.  Recovery times from, strenuous workouts, training or injuries are improved and shortened.


Benefits Of Cryotherapy

Alleviation of Fatigue

Alleviation of Insomnia

Alleviation of Migraines 

Better Sleep

Boosts Blood Circulation

Boosts Body’s Natural Metabolism

Boosts Immune System

Boosts Lymph Draining

Decreases Inflammation

Decrease Muscle Soreness

Decrease of Muscle Spasms

Enhance energy

Improves Muscle Strength

Improves Joint Function

Improves Skin Conditions  (Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne & Blemishes)

Increases Sport Performance

Increased Testosterone Levels In Men

Increased Circulation

Increased Levels of Endorphins

Increased Metabolic Rate (Burning Between 500-800 Calories Per Treatment)

Increased Muscle Recovery

Oxygenate Blood & Flush Toxins

Pain Relief From Disorders Such as Rheumatoid Diseases & Fibromyalgia

Reduced Anxiety

Reduced Depression

Reduces Risk of Illness

Reduced Stress

Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Reduction of Cellulite

Relief of Chronic Pain

Skin Rejuvenation

Stronger Hair & Nails

Triggers Collagen Production

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